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Rain Shadow

Camera work of a rain producing weather system:
Incoming Pacific Ocean clouds on the windward side of the San Gabriel Mountains that block the passage of rain causing a “rainshadow” of dryness leeside forming desert landforms on the leeside.

A young photographers’ landscape portfolio with an intent to visualize California’s winter storm mountain and dessert watering system. Photographed in 1979, my first view camera experience - Coincidentally documenting life and land-form in the San Gabriel Wilderess ravaged by the Bobcat fire, September/Octoer, 2020.

LATimes article about the Bobcat wild fire

Heartfelt thanks to the fighters and workers who will know better than I the stark beauty and the truth of “what remains” - all a camera can do with the best of intention.

  • Storm Clouds - Wilderness - Forest and Desert Landforms
  • USA cloud
    Cirrus clouds, fair weather approaching ©
  • Clouds with new moon
    Clouds with a new moon ©
  • Wave clouds, lower San Gabriel Canyon road
    Wave clouds, lower San Gabriel Canyon ©
  • Look from Red-Box, early morning
    Angeles National Forrest, overlook from Red Box ©
  • Rain, San Gabriel Canyon
    Rain, San Gabriel Canyon ©
  • Overlooking wilderness
    Overlooking San Gabriel Wilderness ©
  • Swirling clouds
    Wildness of a cloud bank ©
  • West Fork, rain cloud
    West Fork rain cloud ©
  • Kratca Ridge, swirling cloud
    Kratca Ridge, swirling cloud ©
  • Two trees, one dead
    Sugar pines along Kratca Ridge ©
  • Sugar pine
    Rain fog ©
  • Douglas fire
    Douglas fir, Kratca Ridge ©
  • Jagged peak, Kratcka ridge
    Jagged peak, Kratcka ridge ©
  • Cliff face along Kratcka Ridge
    Cliff face along Kratcka Ridge road ©
  • West fork, roots
    Root and rock exposure, West Fork, San Gabriel Canyon, west fork ©
  • Giant oak, West Fork
    Giant oak, West Fork ©
  • West Fork, Stream reflections
    West Fork, Stream reflections ©
  • American Ash Switzers Camp
    American Ash Switzers Camp ©
  • Notan, West Fork
    Homage to a Japanese Notan formation – in a quiet stream pool ©
  • Dudleya & moss
    Dudleya & moss, along the West Fork ©
  • Scrub oaks and Mapel hillside
    Scrub oak and mapel, Angeles Crest hillside highway view ©
  • West Fork, Alder spring
    West Fork, Alders in spring ©
  • West Fork trail, rainy day
    West Fork trail, on rainy day-hike ©
  • Weat Fork,San Gabriel Canyon
    Weat Fork,San Gabriel Canyon ©
  • Sycamores, Hidden Springs Canyon
    Sycamores, Hidden Springs Canyon ©
  • Manzanita
    Manzanita ©
  • Yucca in snow, below Kratka ridge
    Yucca in snow, below Kratka ridge ©
  • Sleepy wash, Anza Borrego
    A sleepy wash canyon in Anza Borrego Desert State Park ©
  • Fonts Point, Anza Borrego
    View from Fonts Point, Anza Borrego ©
  • Glamis dunes, Algodoes
    Glamis dunes, Algodones “Rain Shadow” ©
USA cloud