Solstice Light


Central to the idea of solstice is how we respond to the seasons and especially to the theme of renewal. The term Solstice Light in this sense

Alludes to celebration and greeting which describes the method of my camera work in metaphor.

The photographs were taken at moments of sunrise and sunset as well as at high noon and midnight thus playing with the idea of a Solstice Event as an everyday occurrence. The photographs typically depict the surface of the ocean as seen from the shore looking our to the open sea. Once a motif is selected, the camera remains in place for a period of several hours to several days to record the changing light.

The intent of this work is to convey or to communicate ideas about how we perceive the natural environment. I want to invite people to intellectual consideration – to help us think about nature in a different way. Not as commodity or resource or even as a cultural landscape but as an aesthetic experience. I think my work really has to do with the unconscious and with perception. We look at the world and wonder, but what do we really see?